Saturday, November 24, 2012

It's Hot Pot Time Again!!

Though you can eat hot pot all year long, it is eaten more in the cold winter months.  The girls all LOVE hot pot!  It's always a fun meal and special time.

Some of you may be wondering about Jasmine, one of the new girls who came at the end of October.  Though it was a very tough decision, New Day decided to return her to her home orphanage. Her needs were just too great for us to properly help her at this time.  We continue to lift her up and believe that He has a different plan to help her.

Elise, Elizabeth, and Shawna enjoying some spicy hot pot.  The great thing about this pot is it's got a divider so we can do spicy on one side and regular on the other.  

Debbie looks on in awe of this new way of eating.  I'm sure it's the first time she's experienced such a thing.

Emma thinks hot pot is great to eat and fun too!  That is with the exception of the yucky green vegetables she's not terribly fond of but learning to like better all the time :)

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