Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Holly Has A Birthday!!

That's right, Holly has now turned 12!!  She was so excited to celebrate her birthday!  She's waiting a long time to have this party.  She'd arrived just a month or so after her birthday last year, so she had to wait nearly a year to have her own special party.  One after another, several of the other girls had a birthday and she'd keep asking when it was her turn.  Each time we'd have to say she'd have to wait a little longer.  The day finally came and she was overcome with joy!

She happily cuts the cake and serves all those attending.

And don't forget the gifts!!  That's always a highlight of any birthday celebration!

On another note, so sorry for the looooong blog silence!!  Our internet was nearly useless for the past several weeks +.  I'm so glad we are up and running now and you'll be seeing lots of pictures of the girls again.  Fortunately, we were still able to use our ipod to get and send emails, but they were a bit limiting to do blogs  :)

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