Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving From The Forever Home!!

Today, on Friday, the Foster Home had their annual Thanksgiving party and dinner for the children.  Everyone needs their face painted, right Debbie?!  This is probably her first experience of this.

Emma knows just what to do.  She even picked up one of the face paint markers and had a go of it on herself!  So wished I'd been fast enough to catch that picture!

Mollie has a look in the mirror after hers is done.  Looks good Mollie!!

Sylvia was pretty pleased with hers too!

Emma thought she they did a great job!

Holly got several flowers on her face!

What a feast they had!!

Mollie wonders if I'm done taking her picture so she can get back to her food :)

I think there's a little indian in the house!

Mollie thought her food was pretty yummy!

Debbie thinks everyday should be Thanksgiving!

Sylvia, I think your hat is a little big!  Other than that, she had a wonderful time.

Shawna helped little Esther eat some Thanksgiving stuffing and mashed potatoes and gravy.  No, she's not a Forever Home girl--but one of the Foster Home girls.

Just the day before, all of New Day's foreign workers, staff, and families had their annual Thanksgiving celebration!  Once a year we are treated with some turkey! YUM!  Elizabeth had never had turkey until yesterday. Yup, that's fried chicken and turkey on her plate!  Just in case the turkey wasn't as good as mom and dad told her it would be.

Elise enjoyed hers :)

Shawna and Page, their friend, also had a good time fellowshipping and being thankful for everything!

Then there were a few turkey games :)

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