Friday, November 30, 2012

A Romp In The Leaves

Though this has been about a month ago, before the cold weather totally set in, I never got this posted and thought you might enjoy seeing it.  One crisp fall afternoon after many of the leaves had fallen over the weekend, we decided it was time for the girls to have a little fun playing in the leaves.  And did they ever have fun!

First you rake up the leaves like so........

Then, Emma, all confused like says "Now, what was I supposed to do?!"

And Elise says "You do this!"

That's right, you they have the hang of it :)

Sylvia has the right idea! 

Emma says "No way!  I don't like getting buried in the leaves!"

  Holly, though thinks it's great fun!

After a while, she comes up with leave clothes as a they all stuck to her sweater :0

Then she decided they'd look cool as hair decorations!

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