Friday, May 18, 2012

Only Food In The World!

EVERY SINGLE MEAL we cook, Hannah comes up and asks if we're having baozi.  If you aren't familiar with this very popular Chinese treat, it is basically a bread stuffed with meat and veggies, just veggies, eggs, and/or a variety of things and then steamed rather than baked like most breads in America.  Hannah is simply CRAZY about baozi!!  I'm not sure she could ever have too much baozi!  We surely do not make it often enough as far as she's concerned :)  Honestly, I don't make it very often at all as it just takes some time--given there's down time in between, but still time.  We used to buy it every weekend and often had it for breakfast every Sunday morning as it was a quick and easy breakfast--also one that the kids loved--none more than Hannah though!  However, our baozi guy went out of business and though they have it in a couple of other places, we've found it not to be as tasty as previously so we stopped buying it.

Yesterday I told Hannah--when she asked again as always--that I was making her some baozi the next day.  Teasingly she said it was bu hao (not delicious) so I then told her the rest of us would eat it and she'd have to eat something else.  She's quite the teaser.  Knowing she'd have none of that, the next day when she returned from school and I had baozi on the table, I teasingly told it was for everyone else since she said it was bu hao chi!  Of course, she'd have none of that and quickly changed her tune!

Here you see her stuffing her face with baozi!  I surprised her with a picture :)

Then she decided to pose for another picture.  She was a very happy girl!

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