Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Monkey King Strikes Again!

Hannah and Elise enjoy some play time.  

If you are wondering what all that white stuff is on the ground, it's mao mao (or cotton)  from all the cotton wood trees here.  Each spring we get to enjoy a spring "snow" as we call it here that likes to play havoc on everyone's allergies!  This is what fell just overnight as New Day's gardener sweeps it all up every single day.  I'm sure he really has to love this time of year too!  It seriously looks like large snowflakes flying through the air.  It's dry enough if you gather it up, you can light it with a match and it will quickly burn up.  During this time, it gathers along the sides of walkways etc. as the wind blows it around.  It lasts anywhere from 2-4 weeks depending on the weather.  If it stays warm, the season is shorter--which is what all of us here hope for!

Sweet Hannah!!  Other than Elizabeth, whom we just finalized adopting her ourselves last August, Hannah has been in our home the longest.  She has been with us about 2 1/2 years now and we are going to miss her terribly when she leaves!  She has such a sweet, gentleness about her that we love so much.  She also is quite the joker and loves to play around. She's always playing jokes on someone :)

Here, I'm thinking maybe she's calling her family in the US.  Soon you'll get to meet them Hannah!  Though we don't yet have an exact date, we are thinking that they are coming about mid June to mid July.  

Here the Monkey King strikes again!  Check out her moves :0

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