Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Elated Elly

Though Elly came to us with just a deformed leg diagnosis, we later found out that she has mild cerebal palsy too.  She came to us here in hopes of getting her adopted and also in need of more physical therapy.  Upon arrival each child is evaluated and checked out by out doctors, nurses and physical therapists.  It was determined that Elly had the potential to walk if her leg muscles became stronger.  Elly dreamed of walking some day and given this information, well.........she took it and ran with it!  Elly is very motivated to walk and  thus is very ready and willing to exercise those leg muscles in hopes of walking some day.  We have seen so much improvement and she can now take several steps without the aid of her walker!  She is now able to get around in her walker much faster, now falls rarely, and is able to navigate more uneven terrain.  When she first arrived we had to carry her up our 6 flights of stairs, but now, by adding a step each day or so as tolerated, she can now go up and down all six flights on her own holding to the railing!  We continue to see amazing changes in her leg strength and look forward to the day she no longer needs her walker!!  

Here she is standing on her own without the aid of anything--something she could not do when she first arrived on December 7th.  She can balance like that for quite some time, even dancing with her upper body to music!

When Elly arrived here at the Forever Home and was assessed, we found her to be nearly on level with children her age--something we don't often see here.  She had been in the Half the Sky program in her home orphanage and it really showed!  Elly is very mature for her age and I often forget she is only 6 years old!

I know I say all our girls are happy--and they are--but some, like Elly, are happier than others.  Elly always has a smile on her face and has this giggle that is adorable and something we hear often.  Such a sweety!

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