Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Holly

Holly came to us on December 21th, just a few days before Christmas.  It has been exciting to see all the changes in her since.  People recently have been telling us how much they've seen her change and mature since she arrived.  It's always nice to hear such things and helps us.  It's often the people who don't see her on a daily basis that tell us of how much she's changed.  

Holly had lived her whole life (11 years) up until recently in an orphanage.  Life there is a struggle to survive and sometimes things become so ingrained in them that it often takes a bit of time to change their ways of thinking and doing things.  Though we know it was certainly necessary for their survival there, they have much to learn about life in a real family and that's what we do at the Forever Home.  Being in a real family helps transition them and prepare them for their forever families.  Though Holly doesn't yet have a forever family, and though her paperwork is not quite complete yet (but soon), we have been spreading the word and hoping that by the time her paperwork is done--she'll already have a family!  Some of you may not know, but Holly's adoption clock is ticking.  Once children reach the age of 14, they are no longer able to be adopted, but age out.  Although when we began the Forever Home, we planned to keep girls if they aged out, we all know it isn't the best plan for their lives.  The best thing is for them to find forever families and that is what we hope for all our girls.  IF they are not adopted, we will educate them and give them some type of career  that will help them survive (preferably thrive) in Chinese society. Help spread the word about Holly so she can be adopted by a loving family that can give her so much more than we possibly can--that is our hope for all these girls!!

Holly is a very sweet girl and loves affection--something I doubt she experienced much of before coming to us.  She'll make someone a wonderful daughter!  She is learning how much better life can be when you have a family who loves you.  Since coming to our home here, we often consider us as a transition home, the subject of adoption comes up a lot--generally daily or multiple times daily.  We talk about it a lot, especially with the girls who are already matched.  When Holly first came and we talked about the possibility of her getting an adoptive family of her very own someday, she was very resistant to the idea.  She told us this was much better than living in the orphanage and had no desire to leave.  Slowly though over time, we have begun to see her attitude about adoption change.  She has now realized and recognized the fact that having her very own forever family would be a wonderful thing. She now has a desire to be adopted by a loving family.  We know she has a hope and a future and look forward to seeing that played out in her life.

If you know a family interested in adopting Holly, share with them this website and contact our New Day director, Karen, for more details and instructions.

Holly gets a bubble wand gifted to her.

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