Friday, May 11, 2012

Enjoying The Nice Warm Weather

One day on the weekend we took the girls down to the square where all the socializing takes place here in our apartment complex.  It's also the best and biggest place for the girls to play since everywhere else seems to be a parking lot or a road.  The girls love to go there!

Elly gets a little tired after a bit and decides  to have a seat on her built-in walker/chair.  Mollie then takes the opportunity to have a little fun by giving her a ride around the square!  That makes both girls happy :)

Then a little later, Elly reciprocates by pushing Mollie as she uses the walker.  It didn't take long however for the other girls to join in by making a train.  They were quite the sight!

Bubbles is always a must when we go outside.  Recently Holly had received a gift of bubbles with a large bubble wand and it was the perfect opportunity to try it out!  It made great bubbles and all the girls enjoyed giving it a whirl!  Blow hard Elly!

Then there's the Chinese hacky sac. They always love doing that as well.

Hannah poses for a picture while doing some of the smaller bubbles.

Elizabeth brings a flute along--as that's the only place she can play it--outside!!  We have neighbors in our apartment building and with 8 girls in the house, well.........we already make enough noise without such things!  Someday we'll have a pingfang (a one story house) and they'll be able to do some of the things we just can't do inside right now :)

Uh, Hannah......I think you need to open your eyes to catch the ball!

Mollie tries out the big bubble wand.

Now that's what I call some BIG bubbles!!

Looks like Holly has the hang of those big bubbles too!  

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