Monday, March 12, 2012

Lovin' The Strawberries

All the girls love when strawberries come into season here!  Though it is not here long, we do usually have them in season twice a year.  

 If you're wondering what happened to Holly's face, she had a little accident at school one day.  She fell out of the swing while being pushed.  Though it must have been very painful, she never really complained much about it.  It's now healed up well and looks so much better!

 Can you guess that this little one is such a ham every time the camera comes out?!

 Emma seems to really enjoy strawberries too.  She's such a cutie!

Hannah LOVES strawberries!


  1. This is a very weird and random comment, but I have been wondering this since I first saw Mollie, and was waiting to see more photos of her, but I was just wondering if it has been confirmed that she does indeed have Down Syndrome. I am just curious because when you first introduced Mollie and Emma, while Emma has clearly identifiable Down Syndrome features, Mollie does not look 'typically' Down Syndrome at all. I waited to ask this, because I thought maybe it was just the initial photo, but the more recent photos made me think the same thing-- of course, being photos and not being there is a different thing entirely, but I thought I would go ahead and ask just in case she was somehow misdiagnosed!

  2. You are right that she doesn't seem to have the very obvious typical Down Syndrome features like Emma does and most Down Syndrome kids. All I can say is she came from her orphanage with this diagnosis. I do not know if they tested her or how they came to this decision. I also am not a doctor and therefore cannot diagnose, and since we are not allowed to give out any of the children's specific medical information, we must just leave it at that. I appreciate your question as I'm sure you are not the only one who's made the same observation!

  3. I totally understand not being able to give out any information-- this was more a question for her benefit then for me... just a thought I thought I would pass on to you all. :)

  4. Thank you! We truly appreciate your comments and observations! I know it's nothing that others haven't noticed as well:)