Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hilarious Hannah

Hannah is such a sweet and wonderful girl!  She has such a sense of humor and you will often see her teasing or pulling practical jokes on people.  Here she's posing for a picture with Holly donning a goofy hat she found in the playroom.

What a sweet smile, Hannah!

Now this is more the Hannah we are accustomed to seeing!  What's with the red tongue?!  Well....I believe it was Koolaide.

Here she takes time out for a picture with me.

And another one with dad.  Gotta love the hand gestures in many of her pictures, huh?--something we can't seem to get away from.  It's just part of who she is I guess.

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  1. hannah, i can hear you laughing now :) and it has the sweetest sound!