Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy Holly

This must be our "model" pose.  Something new these days for Holly.  Wonder where she picked that up from?!  

As I'm doing this post, I noticed one clear theme here--the green sweater!  Though all these pictures were taken on different days, in each picture she seems to have on this same sweater!  Now, I know it is her favorite thing to wear right now, but honestly she doesn't wear it every day--though it might certainly seem like it in this post, huh?! She actually has a closet full of clothes--all green sweaters!!  Just kidding!

I'm not real sure what she is supposed to be here, but it was fun anyway!  I wonder if she happened to have that same green sweater on underneath the blanket too?  I can't say I remember, but guess we'll never know, huh?!

Holly, like Hannah, really likes to use hand gestures in her pictures too.

Posing for a picture with dad and Hannah, at the last second, decides she wants to be in the picture too!  Funny Hannah, but you already had your turn!

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  1. Oh Holly! I love you :) and i love the way you always hold up your victory signs for pictures!!!