Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I Want Glasses!

It's funny how kids always look up to those around them and often want to be like them.  It's a totally natural thing. That's why it's so important that we be the best role models we can and pay close attention to who our kids are looking up to as we know how much it can and does affect their behavior.  

Anyway, though Holly has never said it outright, but she is clearly modeling what she thinks would be a good thing.  These are really sunglasses that has the lenses taken out of.  When I first kept finding the lenses out, I was assuming that they were just falling out until it happened every day and they weren't even loose!  

Then it dawned on me that she'd realized that everyone in our family wears glasses except one and she wanted to be like us. So....she'd pop the lenses out and wear them around the house like glasses. I did tell her while glasses are okay, you really don't want them unless you really need them.  It didn't make her much difference as she continued to wear them :)   And I gave up trying putting the lenses back into the glasses!

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