Saturday, March 24, 2012

Elated Elly

Elly is another of our little sweethearts, then again--all our girls are!  We're not prejudiced at all--we think all our girls are great! It's true and you'll not convince us otherwise! 

Looks like she's doing her chores~setting the table.  If you'll notice, she doesn't use her walker much at home but is able to walk around holding onto things such as the table, walls, or other furniture.  We greatly look forward to the day when she doesn't need anything to hold onto for support in walking~~ but probably not as much as she does!

This is typical Elly!

Who made your hair Elly?!  Bet it's the same person taking the picture~which isn't me!  I'll give you a guess--it's one of our older daughters and her name starts with an "S."

Like those sweet treats Elly?!

I wonder what she whispered to Emma, don't you?!  

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  1. Elly, you really are a sweetheart! I miss your contagious smile and precious spirit :) i love you!