Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hannah Turns 9!!

Yesterday Hannah turned 9!!

Every child looks forward with much anticipation to their birthday each year and Hannah was no exception. Us older people, however, don't tend to do that do we?! Rather, we say something like "oh, it's my birthday AGAIN!"

Hannah got many great gifts. Several of them from the other girls were food items such as some of Hannah's favorite candies or spicy treats that she loves so much! All the girls are so giving and it just touches our hearts as they give from their hearts.

Randy and I got her a mini computer. She was very excited about all her gifts including that. It's an English/Chinese teaching tool and we thought it'd not only be fun, but educational as well. Much of the evening was spent playing on it. She can learn how to say and recognize many things in English as well as Chinese. Things like the alphabet, numbers, counting, basic math (addition and subtraction), as well as all the names of the various fruits, vegetables, people and professions, shapes, colors and soooo much more.

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