Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Learning New Things

Now that the weather is warming up a bit, the girls are getting outside more. Just what they LOVE to do!!

Last fall, Serena learned to ride a bike and this spring, she's decided to learn roller blading like Shawna and Elise. They make it look easy NOW, but little do the other girls know, it wasn't always so easy for them.

Something else the other girls would like to learn is the rip stick. THAT is a bit harder to learn--just ask Shawna and Elise, they'll tell ya!! However, it doesn't stop the others from trying. Jenna decides to give it a try while it is setting idle.

Hannah tries her hand legs rather at roller blading. She will take some work to get her to the point of just standing up and/or blading as she leans heavily. However, she is doing quite well at learning to ride a bike without training wheels. She just lacks the confidence but is really riding on her own until Randy lets go, then her feet go immediately down as she's afraid. Won't be long and we know she'll be riding on her own soon. Roller blading may take a bit longer though:)

Elizabeth is also learning roller blading this spring. Her and Serena are both able to stand without assistance and it won't be long until they are soon skating all around.

Jenna also thinks she'd like to learn to roller blade. She gives it a try too.

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