Sunday, April 17, 2011

Congratulations Brian & Sally Cont.!!

We were able to get a rare family photo!! It's just hard to get everyone altogether at once and then have someone else to actually take the picture for us. I was happy to get a new family photo as our other one is quite old:)

Some of us had to leave early for the wedding to have some cupcakes we baked for the wedding there early so they could construct this cool cupcake tower. So Shawna, Elise, Elizabeth and I brought the cupcakes early and I then had time to take some photos of some of the girls. It is spring here and all the trees have bloomed and many already have leaves. Anyway, it makes for some beautiful pictures.

Later, then when the others came, I took more pictures of the other girls. Darn, I forgot to take a picture of all the girls together and by the time I remembered, it was too late! I guess there's always next time:(
Doesn't Hannah look so beautiful in her nice outfit?!!

Jenna got a new dress for the occasion and she couldn't wait until the wedding to wear it!

Serena also looked beautiful, as all the girls did, in their finest!!

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