Sunday, April 17, 2011

Congratulations Brian & Sally!!

It's a wedding of two of our very own New Day staff--Sally & Brian!!

We have watched their relationship build and blossom into something very beautiful! We couldn't be happier for the two of them and we were blessed to have attended their happy occasion. Though their actual wedding ceremony was in the traditional Western white dress and tux, it is also traditional here to change into a different dress and suit for the reception. I know you all have seen hundreds of pictures of the traditional Western attire, so I thought I'd instead show you their beautiful reception clothing. Aren't they beautiful and don't they make just the cutest couple?!!

Here, we've been seated and are waiting for the ceremony to begin. Naturally, with everyone all dressed in their finest, mom has to take a few pictures:) We couldn't have been more pleased as all the girls were one their best behavior and they were all eyes and ears during the ceremony. I didn't ear a word out of them as they all listened and watched intently--whew!!

Then we all went to the reception and enjoyed a meal together along with a nice slide show of childhood pictures of the bride and groom, many times together, and their wedding photos.

Then they gave out these cute little gift boxes filled with candy to each guest as they left--also something very traditional here.

All week, actually more than that, the girls have looked forward to their wedding. For about 3 of our girls, it is their very first wedding and boy, were they excited!! All week, Serena kept telling us she was going to cry 'cause she was so happy. I've been known to cry at a few weddings myself, so I could surely relate. Though, I have to tell you---she never ended up crying. I'm not sure what they expected, but even when it was all over and they walked back down the isle, Hannah said to me "What?! There isn't any more?!!" I assured her it was all over and she seemed disappointed.

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