Friday, April 29, 2011

A Serious Sweet Tooth

Though this isn't the best picture, I just had to show you anyway. Sunday morning all the girls received a basket from us for Easter. While it wasn't by any means full, it had a goodly amount of candy in it--enough to last several days--I would have thought:) But what do I know?!

Anyway, this picture was taken of Jenna only 24 hours later when asked where all her candy went! She laughed and showed us it was all gone already. Can you believe it didn't last more than 24 hours?!! This girl has a VERY serious sweet tooth!!

THEN, when New Day had their Easter egg hunt 2 days later, she received another basket of candy which NONE of it made it home!! I do have to say one thing in her defense though. She did give some of it away, however, most of it she ate that afternoon before returning home:) Sweet things disappear with this girl faster than the blink of an eye!!

Also, the other girls have learned to put theirs up where she can't get it as they tend to space theirs out. They've learned this the hard way. If there is candy ANYWHERE within her reach--hey, it's fair game in her book!!

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