Friday, April 29, 2011

Celebrating Easter With NDFH

Though the girls were to have the Easter egg hunt at New Day Foster Home on Friday, it up and decided to rain here though it rains very infrequently. Therefore, the egg hunt was postponed until the beginning of this week. They even got to pet some baby ducks and rabbits too:) It was great fun, however, I have to wonder if some of the very little rabbits survived the day! Elizabeth particularly LOVES animals of any kind. She was quite excited to spend some time holding the ducks and bunnies as did all our girls.

Hannah, though, thought the duck's quack was way too loud and annoying!

Spending some time petting the bunnies after hunting for eggs.

The mommy bunny needs some lovin' too!! Right Elizabeth?!!

Jenna and Serena look on as Shawna and Elise pet the cutest little bunny!

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