Monday, March 21, 2011

Sweet, Sweet Hannah Cont.

Hannah loves the outdoors! She goes outside every chance she gets. She also loves to ride bikes. This picture was taken last summer of her riding a bike with training wheels.

Hannah LOVES, LOVES, LOVES the water!!! She is like a fish in the water! Although she doesn't yet know how to swim, it won't be long:) She is not afraid of the water at all and easily dunks her head and tries to swim. I'm thinking that perhaps this summer, with enough pool time, she will learn how to swim. She certainly is willing to try!

One of Hannah's other favorite activities is dress-up. She likes to dress up and then come in modeling for us. It is so adorable!

Another favorite activity is cooking. Hannah loves to help out in the kitchen every chance she gets. She really enjoys these times!

She also loves to play the Wii. When she first began, she had a bit of difficulty operating the controls. There were some games such as bowling that were difficult for her as she didn't have the coordination to release the ball at the correct time. However, it didn't take long and her coordination improved a great deal. She easily plays bowling and we continue to work on some of the more difficult games.

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