Thursday, March 17, 2011

Solar Cooking

No, we haven't given up using modern conventional methods of cooking! It's another Science experiment utilizing the power of the sun.

Those milk cardboard boxes we go through daily come in handy every now and then for something:) One of Shawna and Elise's Science projects this week was making a solar hot dog cooker. Shawna was sure it'd never work as it'd just not get hot enough to cook that hot dog. She said, "I'm not eating it!"

Elise, on the other hand, thought it just might work. I said, "We'll soon see who's right!"

They did learn that the sun is more powerful than they realized and with the right tools, even simple ones like cardboard and tin foil, you can harness that energy and use it to benefit us in many other ways. We learned that solar energy has the ability to do many things in our modern world. I think this is the funnest part of Science--the hands-on learning of practical things. They seem to learn the most from these projects--not to mention it's just plain fun! What type of fun Science projects do your home schoolers do?


  1. as I read this I was wondering if you'd put it outside or inside, I'm really glad it was inside, otherwise it'd be one dusty and hot hot dog :)

  2. Here....yes, it was inside or no one would (or shouldn't) eat it!