Monday, March 21, 2011

Sweet, Sweet Hannah Cont. Cont.

Hannah is now beginning to learn to ride a bike without training wheels. We started only a week or so ago. She is doing quite well, but lacks the confidence we all know it takes to learn to ride on her own. Randy, my husband, says she is doing it on her own as he's helping her, but as soon as she knows he lets go, her feet go down. I know that, given a little time, she'll be riding on her own very soon:)

Another favorite activity of Hannah's is bubbles.

Hannah has also now begun regular schooling. Previously she attended preschool at New Day Foster Home where she learned many things including her colors, numbers, matching, worked on some of her fine motor skills, and so many other things. As it became obvious that Hannah was outgrowing preschool and ready to move on to regular schooling, a teacher was hired for her. Currently, she now has one-on-one teaching. Hannah now knows most of her alphabet and is learning to write them as well. She can copy easier upper case letters such as "H,A,T," is learning to write her name and the sound each letter of the alphabet makes. She loves books, blocks, play dough, and is very good at puzzles.

Although she is a bit delayed, she is catching up by leaps and bounds! Currently, she is making 3 1/2 month's progress each month according to the assessment we are using. We are excited at the progress she is making and expect to see her continue especially with a one-on-one teacher.

I should also mention that, although her schooling is in Chinese, she is also learning English as she lives in an English speaking foster family. Though we love her dearly, we know the best thing for Hannah, or any child, is to have a forever family they can call their own. Help spread the word, won't you? We'd love to see Hannah find her forever family. She is listed on CCAI's website as I stated at the beginning of this post.


  1. What a JOY to see that Hannah is available for adoption!
    I love these updates as I'm kinda on the outside loop of the lists. I will be praying that she will be swooped up quickly from the list! Seeing how she has come SO FAR while at ND ... wow ... I still remember her arrival photos of how malnurished her body was and how sick her heart was--I am just in amazement what love does for a child. And also medical treatment. Oh my! LOVE all the photos and your updates on her leaps and bounds! She will make the perfect addition to a super family (and she looks GREAT in that black and red dress!

    Hugs, Valerie

  2. Yes! Elizabeth outgrew it and it was passed on to Hannah. Bet you didn't know when you gave it that it would bless more than one child!! Thanks so much for blessing our girls!!