Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Time to Relax

Last weekend, my husband and Elise went to the local lunar market. It's an outdoor market that has just about everything from food to goods. It is held 3 times a week according to the Chinese lunar calendar. Anyway, Shawna, who was here at home, received an excited call from Elise saying they'd found a hammock. Shawna--all excited--told Elise she'd better buy it!! After she got off the phone and told me, I asked her what would we do with it? It's not like we had any place to use a hammock! I was sure there was no place here in the house that we could utilize one.

Well, they did come back with one and the whole house was excited:0 It didn't take them long to find a place to put it up--without even needing a screwdriver or hammer!! No preparation necessary, just tie it up! We have real creative thinkers in this house! As you can see, between the bunk beds was a perfect place.

It is a bit interesting and takes a bit of maneuvering to get in and out, but once in, they had a blast! They can then take it down and put it up whenever they want to use it. They never cease to amaze me!! What do I know?!! Of course, there was a place to put it up!!

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