Monday, August 9, 2010

Fairwell, Good Teacher!

This past week, we said good-bye to the girls' teacher. She has been working with the Forever Home girls since January and she will surely be missed. Lois was very faithful and I could always count on her being there when I needed her. Although we say good-bye as a teacher for the Forever Home, we will still be seeing her around New Day as she moved into a new position with the English school as the activity coordinator. Good luck in your new position, Lois!!

We decided to present her with a gift, a t-shirt with a picture of all of the girls on front. The older girls then came up with the idea of making paper hearts to hold up saying "We all love you Lois!!" She was really touched as they gathered around to watch her open their heart-felt gift.

We also had a luncheon in her honor
this week. Thanks for blessing us Lois!

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