Monday, August 16, 2010

Outdoor Fun

When the days are a bit cooler, we take advantage and play outside more. The girls love the outdoors, but when it's in the upper 90's, mom and dad don't care much for the heat. Besides, Hannah and Elizabeth, with past heart issues, tend to sweat a lot in such heat. We had a few cooler days and the girls enjoyed going out doing bubbles, riding bikes and playing badminton. Serena looks real excited learning this new game of badminton, doesn't she?!

Elizabeth decided to make bubbles on top of some of the playground equipment. Of course, then Jenna also had to!

Elise is the one more into sports these days. She really enjoys a good game of badminton!

Shawna also looks pretty into the game to, doesn't she?!

Jenna and Hannah playing badminton, now that was interesting! I think they need more practice and help understanding the game better.

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