Saturday, August 14, 2010

Another Tooth Bites the Dust!

As you can imagine, with 6 girls in the house we loose a few teeth! This morning Hannah had a pretty loose tooth. Since, while in that stage, it is quite annoying and painful, I usually encourage them to go ahead and pull them out and even give them a little help if necessary. Sometimes it takes a couple of tries, but the tooth usually comes out pretty easily. You know, it's the stage where it's so loose it isn't even upright anymore, but they hurt when they eat something. I helped her for a few minutes and then encouraged her to go ahead and pull it. She then stuck her fingers in her mouth and wiggled a few times and pulled out what we (and she) thought was her tooth. We were all praising her, that is until I looked a bit closer! Apparently what she pulled out was not a tooth at all, but a grape seed which she'd been eating just a few minutes before. Apparently while eating the grapes, a seed got stuck there between her loose tooth and was a bit painful. That's when she came and told me and I thought, wow, that tooth is really loose and needs to come out. After we figured out it wasn't her tooth, she then wiggled the real tooth and it promptly came out only a few minutes later. She was quite proud of her accomplishment!! Since we don't do the tooth fairy thing, we just give them some money with each tooth that is lost. Funny thing is, then Jenna decided she needed to pull some of her teeth!! Hey, if there's money involved, she wants in on it!! The only problem with that was the fact that she didn't have any loose ones right now! Sorry Jenna, you're just gonna have to wait until they get loose to pull them out:)

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