Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Serena Has a Birthday!!

Sunday was Serena's birthday. The night before, after Serena went to bed, the older girls (Shawna & Elise) put up some nice birthday decorations to surprise her the next morning. Imagine her surprise and delight when she got up that morning to see birthday decorations in her honor!! She was quite pleased:) After a breakfast of noodles in egg drop soup, which delighted ALL the girls and they each stated they wanted that on their birthdays too, Serena got to open all her presents. Each of the girls, as well as mom and dad, got her gifts. She was excited as she opened each one. Since Serena seems to desire and enjoy jewelry, many of her gifts was that. She got a necklace, ring, headband, bracelet, notebook and other various small things. Later, we had an ice-cream cake delivered to New Day where we were having a carry in dinner. She was able to celebrate her birthday cake with many of the New Day foreign staff. Of course, we always need to sing happy birthday in Chinese and English! As you can see in the video, she had a bit of trouble blowing out her candles! It was a great day and I think she was pleased with it being such a special day!


  1. Oh! This just makes my heart happy!!!

  2. 生日快乐! A very Happy Birthday from all of us! TieTie, ZhongZhong, LiLi; Mama and Baba.