Friday, March 26, 2010

Frogs, Frogs, Frogs

The last time I had the opportunity to go into the Beijing suburbs to buy items you can't get in the village, I saw something that caught my eye that we hadn't had in a long, long time--years actually! I bought some and in the car on the way home, told the girls what I'd bought. At first they were convinced I was trying to pull their leg!! After telling them to look in the bag, they checked it out and quickly realized I was quite serious. "That is sick! Why would you want to eat such things" were some of their colorful responses! The Chinese aren't one to waste anything, so when you buy frog legs here for example, you don't just get the back legs like in the US, you get the front legs and whole body. The girls were pretty grossed out by it! The day I laid them out to eat for dinner (with them something alternative to eat), I saw them all standing around the bowl just staring at it and thinking we surely couldn't be serious about eating such a thing!! I just had to take a picture! Then they began to pose like they were eating them raw--NO WAY! Naturally, they didn't even want to try them. Elise finally decided to have a small taste but said although the flavor wasn't too bad, she just couldn't handle the texture. I think it was more the thought than anything. Hannah, though, was the exception. She rather enjoyed them! There was no convincing the rest of them with the fact that Hannah liked them, however, as she had been known to eat out of the trash when she first came, so what does she know?! Randy and I loved them and enjoyed them very much!

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  1. Yes girls I agree with you....yuck! Never did like looking at or eating frog legs! Hope all is well, take care of each other.