Friday, March 26, 2010

New Hobbies

Recently, Shawna and Elise decided they'd like to learn to crochet. Although I tried to teach them a couple of years ago, they just weren't very interested thinking there were more exciting hobbies to learn. However, one of our newest foreign families here that have 5 children, all have learned how to crochet including the youngest 6 year old! I guess Shawna and Elise were impressed that if one so young could learn, they ought to be able to learn it too. We purchased some yarn in the village last Sunday and they have begun to crochet, although they're not spending too much time on it. Only time will tell if they have the patience to continue. I have no doubt they can do it, but we'll soon see just how interested in it they are or if it is a passing fad.