Monday, March 8, 2010

Strong Winds!

We awoke the other morning to find that our cart had been toppled by the wind!! Although we often have strong winds here in the winter, which also makes the wind chill quite a bit colder, we never dreamed that they were strong enough to completely topple our cart! I guess the cover tends to catch a lot of wind which makes it possible. Other than minor scrapes, thankfully there was no real damage to the cart. After up-righting the cart, we headed to work and school as per normal. On our way, Randy suddenly yells from the driver's seat to us in the back, "Lean to the right when the wind blows!" Although we barely noticed the cart going this way--then that, we thought it was just the normal tossling/rocking from hitting a speed bump or hole in the road. Randy said he thought we were going over when a gust of wind hit the cart!! That'll get your adrenalin to pumping! He said he was doing his best to lean opposite the way it was trying to tip over and couldn't believe we didn't even notice! The girls often laugh and play to pass the time while we ride the 3 miles to school--we just didn't notice! We then opened the windows to hopefully let some of the air flow through instead of catching the wind. Not sure how much it helped, but I guess we didn't tip after that. You'd think with all that weight in the back with 5 people (of course 4 of them are kids), there'd be no way it could go over, but I guess we underestimated the strength of the wind and Randy said it unquestionably nearly toppled! We were glad the wind had died down when it was time to return home.


  1. Hello family, wishing you warm weather and happy days! Miss you all, love you!