Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Time for Bike Riding Again!

Although the days aren't all that warm yet, the girls have decided it is warm enough for bike riding again! With snow earlier in the week that hasn't yet completely melted off in places, it tells you just how "warm" it is right now. We are still waiting for 40's and 50's weather! We had that once already for a few days, only to go back to winter again. They are promising some warm days by the end of the week, and we are holding them to it!! We are tired of the cold and way ready for spring! Anyway, the girls have taken time out to begin to ride their bikes again. Elizabeth did not know how to ride a bike, but quickly learned in just a few minutes without training wheels. We were a bit surprised she learned so quickly! Hannah also thinks she needs her own bike but is definitely not ready for that yet! She has poor motor coordination and the thought of her riding a bike, even with training wheels, when she has trouble yet walking and running, is pretty scary and seems like an accident waiting to happen! She does like however, to ride on the back like many of the Chinese we see do so often. So for now, she is happy with that. Now they can hardly wait to get outside to ride their bikes!

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