Saturday, March 20, 2010


We all long for Saturday mornings when we can sleep in late! When Randy and I got up, we immediately noticed the yellow sky upon glancing out the window. Although it was not predicted in the weather, we were clearly having another dust storm. It's not too hard to figure out when the sky is yellow and everything has a good coat of dust all over it. The dust storm is one of several we get throughout the year coming from the Gobi Desert. Although the cart was standing when we got up, shortly thereafter the winds picked up and toppled it again as before. This is getting old with this being the second time in about 2 weeks or so! As each of the girls got up, they all asked the same question, "Why is it so yellow outside?!" Even little Hannah who has a bit of trouble expressing herself, but no trouble picking up on the obvious, pointed to the window and said "Shenme?! (What?)" We haven't been out to look at the cart yet to see if there's any damage, hopefully not. We decided to wait until the wind died down so as to not take a chance of it toppling again!

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