Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Many Faces Of Camilla

Camilla's personality is really beginning to emerge.  When she first came, she was so quiet and we saw very little personality.  NOW.....WOW!!

This is her "delighted" face :)

This is her "curious" face.  Though she didn't actually eat the cake, she sure was curious about it and kept poking it with her finger :)

This is her "I'm unhappy about something" face :(

This is her "thinking real hard" about something face.

And this one isn't terribly hard to guess.  It's her "pucker up" face!

This is her "are you done yet? I'm bored of you" face.

This is her "hmmm" face.

And this one is her "STOP TAKING MY PICTURE FACE!!"

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