Sunday, February 3, 2013

Decorating For Chinese New Year

Shawna hangs one of the lanterns.  

Lizzie has another one waiting to be hung.

Zoe's quite excited and waiting patiently with her lantern.

Holly can't wait to see it hanging up!

Camilla is fascinated by the decorations.

Is this straight? Camilla wonders :)

Elise puts up some window stickers.

Like those pesky Christmas lights, these lantern lights tend to be all tangled when they come out of storage every year!  Lizzie goes to untangling them.

Dad helps out too and Tiny...., well.....he's tasting something good in the air apparently.  He's a rather peculiar dog in that he often does that air tasting thing.  He especially enjoys mint things, coffee (which is probably what he's tasting now).  I guess he thinks he's a snake....tasting the air like that!  You ever have a pet do the same thing?!  He's our first!

Is that where you want it?!

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