Friday, February 15, 2013

Chinese New Year Holiday: Activities


Excited Zoe has a whole different view of the tower of blocks Elizabeth built!

Chinese New Year is about food, family, and fun! All of which were present in the Forever Home!  Up North here due to the cold weather, much of the activities revolve around indoor fun.

What did we do on our holiday?!  Well, this post will give you a glimpse of some of our activities--although the holiday is not yet over, it is soon coming to a close and the New Day kids will be headed back to school again on Monday.

Zoe LOVES her blocks!

Holly too and she can build a pretty high tower as well!

Zoe can build 'em high too!


Here Lizzie gets her yarn rolled into a ball ready for knitting.  Yarn here--at least here in the village, unlike the states, doesn't come in a neat little package all ready for use :)

The 3 older girls had just shortly returned from going to the yarn store when I entered the office and saw this scene :)  Elise has a unique way of storing her yarn until she's ready to make the next ball of yarn!

Now, it's knitting time!

Elise and Elizabeth both have really enjoyed learning knitting.  Shawna too, but seems to frustrate her sometimes.  They've all made multiple projects.


Holly especially likes dolls!

The other day I walked by the playroom to discover this scene. She'd lined up all the dollies and even some stuffed animals in preparation for bath time!  Then she proceeded to give each one a pretend bath such as the dollie who's receiving their thorough bath now.


Zoe decided to dress up this way. Though I'm not sure she really realized she looks like a shepherd.  Perhaps she saw it on a program/video, but this is not how the village shepherds dress--though they may carry a stick/staff sometimes.


Zoe loves to color.  

Camilla is now discovering the joy of coloring too!  Zoe admires her handiwork.

And then there's TWO handed coloring!

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