Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Chinese New Year Holiday: New Year's Day Food

Another important food on Chinese New Year holiday is noodles!  Here Holly helps Elise roll and cut the noodles.  Here in China, long noodles symbolize "long life" so you want to make them as long as possible.

Lizzie gets in on some of the noodle rolling and cutting fun too!  It can be a messy job :)

The looooong noodles are cooked and now taken up to be served hot.

A common topping is something like this--a thickened egg drop type soup.

And wahlah!  There you have it!  These are the thinner noodles.

Some of our girls prefer the thicker noodles and since you make them yourself, you can make whatever your heart desires.  Of course, I guess you could also buy whatever you want, but homemade noodles sure are yummier!!

Then there's the tasting, right Camilla?!!  Though she still isn't into eating much table food for her age (very delayed in this department), she LOVES tasting broths and/or soups now when we have them.  When she first came, she refused to take anything by spoon.  Would only take her bottle.  We're working hard on bringing her up to speed in the food department :)  We've made lots of progress recently, then some backsliding, but I'm sure it'll be a matter of no time at all when she can eat more from the table.

At this point in her life, noodles are just play food :))  Don't worry Camilla, soon you'll be eating them too!

 Zoe sure knows what to do with her noodles!

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