Wednesday, February 27, 2013


During the recent holiday, the girls had plenty of spare time for activities.  We still had some suncatchers to finish and the girls were quite excited to have a go at them.  

Even Elise wanted to help!

 Camilla too!  Just ask her, she's not too little to do anything the bigger girls do!

Shawna's doing a bird.

 Holly, a butterfly! 

 Lizzy is working on a beautiful ocean fish.

Zoe thinks this is great and chose a bird she's about to make very colorful!

And the finished products......

These were Elise's creation!  She decided to get fancy and put in some extra colorful swirls!

 Lizzy's fish turned out beautiful!

And Holly's butterfly is pretty cool too!

Zoe's pretty proud of her bird!  Way to go Zoe!

And Camilla, well..........this is what happens when you look away for just a second or two!  She's kind of a hands on girl :)  Looks like she's got some cool swirls going on in her fish too!

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