Sunday, February 26, 2012

It's An Invasion!

This is the Forever Home's family pet. Tiny is a good dog, but has decided this week when two new girls came at once, that we must be being invaded! I wish I could have captured a picture of him when dad returned home. Dad was out doing the daily shopping for food when the new little ones arrived. When he returned home, Tiny ran out the door to tell him that he was sooo glad he was home cause we were being invaded--two new kids showed up while he was gone!!

It just goes to show you that what I said before about everyone--not just the one arriving-- in the house having to make adjustments when a new child arrives is soo true--even for our pets!!

Tiny spent most of the first day hiding out here. However, it didn't take long and he was back in with the rest of us. The biggest change for him? Sharing dads lap with yet two more little ones!

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