Friday, February 17, 2012

Green Eggs and Ham

What's for breakfast? I hear this most every morning when the girls come into the kitchen after dressing. Lo and behold, this morning I said we were having Green Eggs and Ham!! What?!! I repeat it as they can't believe what I'm saying :0 I think they still don't believe me and I'm just pulling their leg! Not that we ever do that sort of thing around here, ha!

Elly looks at me and asks "What is it?!"  I tell her it's just what I said "Green Eggs and Ham!"  She laughs and I think still doesn't believe me :)

Hannah is just a ham and wanted her picture taken with her weird breakfast!

Here's one of our favorite books "Green Eggs and Ham."  Though our eggs and ham didn't quite look the same as theirs, it was still green eggs and pork--gotta use what we have here you know!  We try to keep things interesting around here and sometimes mom and dad (mostly mom) are known to pull weird things like this on the kiddos.  

What weird things have you pulled on your kids?  Perhaps we can get some good ideas :)  The ideas normally just come to us randomly and we use them when we think of them, but don't really seek them out.

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