Saturday, February 18, 2012

Cotton Candy--Yeah!!

We found this cool cotton candy maker in the storage room at New Day one day when we were looking for a booster seat. I asked if it worked and the answer was kinda ify, but we decided to give it a try when they offered. Our girls LOVE cotton candy and have often wished they had one of these so we could make it at home. Though I knew they had such things in America, I was very surprised to find one here. Who knows? It might have been donated by someone in the states?! Anyway, we were glad to give it a try. Though dad was the first to give it a go making sure it worked properly, Shawna got right in on the fun. Being an older girl sometimes has it's advantages!

All the girls are very excited about the prospect of getting cotton candy home made!

They all anxiously await their turns to receive their long awaited sweet treats!!

Pretty cool gizmo, huh girls?!!

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