Monday, February 27, 2012

Is It Really My Turn?!!

How many of your kids have chores around the house? I'm sure most do. We are no different here at the Forever Home. Chores are a good way to begin teaching kids about responsibility. Not only that, it helps them feel a part of the family--doing their part to help contribute to the whole family. It's a good feeling and one that we help instill in all our girls.

Trust me, many times it's easier and faster to just do it yourself! However, this isn't teaching them anything or helping prepare them for their future. Though we want them to be kids, there must be a balance there, we also want them to learn to be responsible--a very valuable asset in their lives! Therefore, we have age appropriate chores for each member of the family.

Some of the younger girls say "Oh, it's MY turn, yeah!!" Remember those days when you felt so big that you could finally start helping doing some of the more "fun" chores like dishes?! Well that's where Elly, Holly and Hannah are these days. Doing dishes is something we just recently began as a chore for the girls, but not all meals, only a few. Not that we don't have plenty around here!

Then there's the older girls who say more like "Ugh, it's my turn again?!" Unfortunately, it doesn't take very long to get to this point, does it?! The newness soon wears off and then it's just a chore!

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