Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's A Dragon Cont.

Now time for the younger girls to put on the "scales." Though we couldn't get all the supplies necessary like in the picture, we had to improvise a bit.

We ended up using hard candies, since that is what is available here, instead of m and m's. Though you can buy them here, they are only in individual size packages and would have cost a small fortune to do the entire cake since they are supposed to be completely covering the cake like scales.

That's right, we had a spotted dragon instead! It's all fun anyway! Lucky for us it just so happens to be the year of the dragon! We had little difficulty finding our head, tail and legs for our dragon!!

And here's the end result :)) We thought he turned out pretty neat! What do you think?!

Course, with limited resources, we couldn't find any poster board or foam board, or any such thing to put him on--didn't have cardboard big enough either. Elise and Shawna had been out looking in the village and was unable to come up with such. About that time, I walked into our home office and saw the perfect thing to put our dragon cake on :0 So I then asked Randy to take off one of the cabinette doors of a storage cabinet. It was the perfect size! Problem solved :))

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