Wednesday, December 14, 2011

We're Cookin' Now!

Serena has decided she wanted to teach her new parents how to make some Chinese dishes. Given the fact that she's never actually cooked anything on her own before, only helped out, we decided to teach her a few simple dishes. Once she learns these, she can teach them to them after she goes back to America.

One very popular and simple dish here is "Eggs and Tomatoes." We eat it once or twice a week and you can get it in any restaurant here. It can be eaten at breakfast or any meal.

First, Serena washes and cuts the tomatoes into wedges.

Then she cracks the eggs into the bowl, mixes them and adds some salt.

Then there's the scrambling like any American scrambled eggs. Remove them from the pan and add tomatoes to cook until a bit soft adding some chicken boullion, salt, and a dab of sesame oil for flavoring.

After the tomatoes soften and give off some juice, add the eggs back in to stir around a bit. It is then done and is a very quick and easy dish. Though I don't think Serena making it just once will be enough to remember so she'll be making it a few more times before moving on to another simple dish. That doesn't bother Serena none--she thought it great fun and really enjoyed making her first real dish of Chinese food!


  1. Yum, I think I'll make it for breakfast in the morning. thanks Serena!

  2. Hey, how'd it turn out?! Did you make it? Like it?