Friday, December 23, 2011

Helping Out

We do our best to teach the girls and get them involved in everyday chores and things that they'll do when they go to their forever families some day. One of those chores is setting the table. Since Elly only walked with a walker, it seemed pretty evident she wouldn't be able to do such things--not because she didn't want to though. However, we thought of a way to allow her much more independence and the ability to do more things like the other girls. The answer was simple you see, just put a basket on her walker! This way she could take her empty dishes to the kitchen after meals, take her clean laundry to her room, and help set the table--all like the other girls do here. I can't tell you how excited she was when we told her what we planned to do! She is very happy with her new basket on her walker--I just hope we are able to put one on her new one but don't see a reason why we can't. This also gives her the ability to carry toys or books from here to there. It was a great solution and she is quite happy about that!!

Elly's one happy girl!! Such a great job setting the table too, Elly!!


  1. We have a daughter with a physical disability. The basket is a great idea. When our daughter became sick, and we had to choose a surgery to save her life, but leave her with a left side that is so weak, we vowed that we would always look at her as capable of everything. We are always looking for creative solutions for her because the reality is that when she is an adult she will need to be able to live on her own and do things independently. Bravo for your problem solving and helping that little one find a way to help herself.

  2. Ahhh, someone who clearly understands:) We learned long ago that the more they learn to do on their own, not only is it better for them, but for others as well. Mainly it helps build their self esteem when they have the ability become more independent and do many of the same things like other children.

    The second day she cried because she couldn't run and play on the playground like the other girls:( We aim to make her as independent as possible and will work hard to see that some day come to pass for her. We just started a therapy program to begin to strengthen her legs more and more so we can some day see that come to pass in her life.