Friday, December 23, 2011

It's A Party With New Day Foster Home Cont.

Shortly after we all enjoy a nice lunch together, there are the usual performances. Serena, Alex, Hannah, Elly, and Joel all perform a Chinese poem. These are all the older children who study in the backyard classroom at New Day.

Then Serena volunteers to sing a solo--something she often does when given the opportunity. She enjoys singing for everyone and doing performances.

After we go home, later in the afternoon, Elly takes advantage of her free time with school cancelled for the day to paint a picture that was a gift she'd just received at the Christmas party. What a beautiful job you did, Elly!!

Serena also enjoys her free afternoon by baking some cookies she also received as a gift this day.

Chocolate peppermint--yum yum!! They were delicious, Serena!!

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