Thursday, December 1, 2011

Decorating For Christmas!!

What do you do the weekend after Thanksgiving?! Why, decorate for Christmas--of course!!

All the girls were excited about digging out the Christmas decorations and putting them up all over the house :) They always have a great time decorating for the different holidays.

Serena picks out a snowflake and carefully places it on the tree.

Hannah puts a red bow on the tree--can't have a Christmas tree without pretty red bows, right Hannah?!

After decorating, Hannah declared that tomorrow was Christmas:) We had to tell her she was mistaken, that it was still about a month away, but we'd so many fun Christmas things before the big day! It'll be here before you know it, Hannah!

Elizabeth also enjoys decorating for Christmas! It's such a special time of year--so much to look forward to like special sweet treats, meals and fellowship with our New Day friends and family.

Shawna also looks forward to Christmas with great anticipation.

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