Sunday, July 17, 2011

Outside Fun

The girls like nothing better than to be outside! We do our best to get them outside for awhile each day even in this heat. We often go out later in the evenings when it's a bit cooler.

Hannah says "Hey, did I say you could take my picture?!"

Serena loves to ride her bike. She wonders aloud if she'll have a bicycle when she gets to America. So many things to think about. She's having a blast wondering about what her new home in America will be like. She asks many questions and we do our best to help explain and help her understand. She's so excited, but has a while to wait.

Jenna also loves to ride her bike. She couldn't be cuter ridin' her bike in her little sundress!

Dad helps the girls so much. He often helps them learn to ride their bikes or roller blades, and today...the rip stick. After giving all the girls a whirl on the rip stick, Serena decided it was dad's turn to give it a try. She insisted dad take a turn and she was proud to help him on and balance. What a thoughtful girl you are, Serena!!

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