Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Forever Home's Newest Pet Cont.

Jenna checks out the brown one.

Elizabeth absolutely adores the bunnies! She can't seem to get enough of them. Then again, she does the same thing with all the animals. She really LOVES animals!

Shawna also was one of the biggest fans of bunnies. She has been faithful to take care of them and really enjoys them.

Shawna came and got me one day and said you gotta take a picture of this!

And here she is eating her vegetables. All you kids take note of that! She eats her vegetables!! She'll be a healthy bunny! I just wish we could say that about the white one. Sadly enough, he died just a couple of days after we got him. I think he was a bit sick when we got him, only we didn't know it, perhaps they didn't either. He didn't eat much like the other one, nor did he move around much. It soon became evident that he was not well and died shortly there after. We were all sad, but HEY, we still have the brown one and he's one lucky bunny!!

Elise decided the white bunny was hers (that was after he died). She'd changed her mind about wanting a bunny and now hers was dead and she didn't have to take care of it anymore. That suited Shawna and Elizabeth just fine as they were more than happy to have the brown one and take care of it. It all worked out nicely in the end--for everyone!

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