Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Forever Home's Newest Pet

The girls have been wanting a bunny for some time now and you know, we don't have enough pets at the Forever Home:) We only had a dog, 2 birds, and many fish--but no bunnies!! Though we agreed to get a bunny or two, it was on the condition that the older girls take care of these animals. They readily agreed--like kids always do in the beginning! You know, they never seem to hear the part where you tell them they're a lot of work and you need to do this and that to keep them healthy, clean their cages often to keep mom and dad happy so that their room doesn't stink:) They always readily agree--then realize later that they are more work than they thought or it just gets old doing these unpleasant tasks. Nonetheless, we got 2 cute little bunnies.

Just look at how adorable they are and how much fun they are to hold! Serena's lovin' this!

Hannah thinks the bunnies are pretty neat too.

What could be sweeter than a little girl and a cute bunny?!

Elise thinks the bunnies are great too, at least the first few days:) Jenna is pretty curious about them and thinks the white one cool.

Serena seems pretty content with that bunny on her lap.

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